Friday, December 21, 2012

The Distance

Ten episodes in: broken noses, broken hearts and shattered egos. We are not the men we were when we started this journey and I fear we shall never be again. TheAllSeeingI, BaddBob and sixtwentysix each present a playlist to the masses for judgment and stultification. We scramble for shreds of respects knowing full well those days are long past.

Goat- Goatman
Kwanjit Sriprajan- Bangkok Amplifier Proudly Presents Top Lae Songs Sung By Kwanjit Sriprajan
Franco Battiato- Energy
The Entrance Band- Stille Be There
The Outsiders- Misfit
The Deviants- Broken Biscuits
Anne Briggs- Highlodge Hare
Earth and Fire- Ruby Is The One
Free- Sweet Tooth
The Easybeats- Come In You'll Get Pneumonia
The Upper Crust- Everybody's Equal
The KLF- Justified & Ancient
Magic Cyclops- Teen Pregnancy Don't Do It
Swamp Dogg- Synthetic World
Kraftwerk- Music Non Stop
RKD- Over & Out