Monday, April 15, 2013

Road to Valhalla

The Viking of National Public Radio rides in on Winter’s Wind. Lars Gotrich, NPR Music’s Online Music Editor and frequent contributor to All Songs Considered visits to ruminate on Spiritualty in music and culture, his genesis as a Holy Son of the American South to transcendent discussions on Talk Talk, Scott Walker and Leonard Cohen’s smooth Canadian Je ne sais quoi.


1-Sonny Sharrock Peanut
2-Shabazz Palaces Recollections of the Wraith
3-Loren Connors Father’s Dream
4-The Trees Community Psalm 45
5-Pharoah Sanders Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah
6-Maxmillion Dunbar Loving the Drift
7-High Rise Ikon
8-Steve Reich Music for 18 Musicians: Section IV
9-Talk Talk Ascension Day
10-The Angelic Process We All Die Laughing
11-Lula Côrtes Culto À Terra
12-Don Cherry The Creator Has a Master Plan