Friday, April 11, 2014

The Pelican and The Hydra

Pelican’s Trevor de Brauw delivers an homage to the Hydra Head label. ‘With straining ears and bulging eyes, While blinded by fierce calcium rays, The trembling victim tribute pays Of song or measure, mime or jest, To soothe the savage Hydra’s breast.'


1. Harkonen Baristas Get Stalked
2. KeelHaul Carl vs. the 10,000 lb. Shadow
3. Old Man Gloom To Carry the Flame
4. Cave In Juggernaut
5. Daughters Provided By Gaslight
6. Big Business Grounds For Divorce
7. Discordance Axis Jigsaw
8. Botch Transitions From Persona To Object
9. Knut Wyriwys
10. The Austerity Program Song 27
11. Helms Alee A Weirding Away
12. Jesu Stanlow
13. Steve Bredsky Saturn
14. Torche Out Again
15. Mare They Sent You
16. Kayo Dot The Awkward Wind Wheel