Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Soma Mandala

OM, Grails, Holy Sons...the alchemy of Emil Amos. Discourses on artistic lineage and The Great Pacific Northwest. 'A JEWEL THAT NEVER LEAVES THE MIND, NEVER ACQUIRES POLISH'.


1. Pan Sonic Lahetys
2. Parrish & Gurvitz Another Time, Another Place
3. Madlib Questions
4. John Entwistle Apron Strings
5. Pearls Piero Piccioni
6. Bead Game Sweet Medusa
7. J Rocc Mystery Medusa
8. Jean-Phillipe Goude Drones
9. Ramases Only the Loneliest Feeling
10. David Hess Wait For The Rain
11. Joel Vandroogenbroeck California
12. Nektar Returning Light
13. Alan Hawkshaw Strangleands

14. Ragnarok Dagnarnas Skum