Monday, November 5, 2012

This Is A Crazy Planets

Anna Paz Lopez loyal soldier within the Temporary Residence Ltd. army holds The Demagogues rapt attention with discussions of the death of a young filipina erotic film star and a noble immigrant's journey, the DIY revivalist festival circuit and boys we want to kiss in the scene.


The Cars- Good Times Roll
Floor- Tales of Lolita
The Blue Things- Doll House
Camberwell Now- Greean Lantern
Castevet- Red Stars Sans Chastity
Nektar- The Dream Nebula (Part 2)
Wire- Mercy
Dif Juz- Re
Fridge- Ark
Aluk Todolo- side b
Aprodite's Child- The Four Horsemen
Breadwinner- Mac's Oranges
Jason Crest- My House Is Burning
Glass Candy- Digital Versicolor
Kenseth Thibideau- Moon 5
Lungfish- Child of Chaos

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